Undersecretaries Assistant Secretaries Agency and Assistance Manager Local Owners Educational Institutions Division Superintendents Community Elementary and Additional Education Heads All Others Anxious


Undersecretaries Assistant Secretaries Agency and Assistance Manager Local Owners Educational Institutions Division Superintendents Community Elementary and Additional Education Heads All Others Anxious

1. The division of degree (DepEd) issues the encased directions on exchange of students’ School files, which build standard steps and practices the request, and release of students’ kind 137 (long-term Record) and type 138 (document Card) in open public schooling all over the country.

2. This insurance aims to guarantee the sleek and reliable requesting and releasing of learners’ college reports without inconveniencing the learners and parents.

3. All DepEd ordering and other associated issuances, rules, and arrangements, that are irreconcilable using this strategy, tends to be hereby repealed, rescinded, or adapted properly.



I. Rationale

There are two main standard class lists that report the learner’s profile and academic and extra-curricular rankings: kind 137, known as the fixed tape, which contains the learner’s shape and traditional educational record, and type 138 or even the document Card which ultimately shows the scholastic overall performance of a student in a provided university season. DepEd Purchase No. 8, s. 2015, the Classroom examination rules, furnished the rules of the details is a part of Forms 137 and 138.

Kind 138 are released to marks 1 to 10 learners every end of the grading cycle while levels 11 to 12 will get they every finish term. To the end of the school 12 months, version 138 is a required document for a learner enroll to another location mark stage precisely as it additionally implies the learner’s marketing reputation. In contrast, faculty bodies request for the discharge of kind 137 of Grades 1 to 12 learners that move to an alternative faculty or change from elementary to alternate.

From inside the lack of defined standards, the operation of seeking and publishing of recognized class documents of learners change per faculty. This strategy shall develop the activities to be embraced through college in handling the learner’s university reports whenever learners enlist, transfer facilities, and ask for pertinent paperwork for other pertinent purposes.

Two. Scale belonging to the Insurance Policy

These purchase is designed to determine standard processes plus methodologies when you look at the request additionally release of learners’ build 137 (fixed report) then Form 138 (state Card) overall schools and Schools Division Offices (SDOs) nationwide.

III. Concise Explanation Of Phrases

  1. Form 137 (lasting history) – lasting university student history expressing the historic academic and co-curricular track record of the student
  2. Form 138 (state Card) – data showing the academic functionality of a learner in a given university season
  3. Obtaining class – the institution requesting for that lasting documents of a moving student
  4. Originating University – the college launching the long-term documents of a moving student

IV. Coverage Statement

The section hereby creates the normal operations and practices in asking for and publishing of learner’s college records. This apparatus sticks to the DepEd’s eyesight, quest and fundamental beliefs and subscribes to the theory of:

a. Free, quality standard degree;

b. Clearness and liability;

c. convenience and regular release of learners’ college documents; and

d. Safeguards and privacy of learners’ files.

Directions on Learner’s Faculty Registers

This approach outlines the standard methods during the send of learners’ college records. This plan knowledge the systems in requesting the long-lasting school records (version 137) for an efficient https://besthookupwebsites.org/bdsm-sites/ send of files without inconveniencing the parents or the learners.

To guarantee the reliable release and shift of learners’ faculty data, listed here will probably be observed:

a. The send of files of students must be made simple and fast without encumbering the learners and mother. However, this absolutely will not endanger the privacy and safety of class record.

b. acquiring educational institutions shall safe all long-term data (type 137) of all of the incoming students until the conclusion of first grading duration. For transferred-in students while in the university yr, transfer of forms shall be secured 30 days (30) from first day of faculty work.

c. students and/or her folks or guardian commonly allowed to hand-carry the long-term reports (kind 137) for the receiving class.

d. In case there are unavailability of type 137 due to instances beyond our personal management, the document on campaigns (class version 5) can be used as substitute, you’ll find in the educational institutions Division workplace (SDO).

e. The student records method (LIS) shall be made use of as platform during the need and launch of learner school documents; ergo the deal shall purely become within the getting and coming educational institutions just.

Listed here treatments must be observed to help the need and launch system:

A. School-to-School Move of Version 137

The bulk of business on shift of learner’s college track record typically result during enrolment duration and bash best of courses. To support the sleek and quick transfer of reports, the flowchart below explains the procedure of consult and launch of students’ kind 137between the obtaining faculty and originating school;

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